Case study

DuoCircle Halon improves customer response time

DuoCircle is an entity that was established for the migration of Dyn’s legacy email receiving products customers to a more powerful and feature rich email handling platform. Headquartered in San Diego, California, DuoCircle provides over 17,000 customers located globally with a next generation software platform with a robust account management and service management interface for high level of control over settings, customer care and a scalable architecture designed for high level messaging and spam filtering.

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Email Service Provider
  • Reduced operating expenses by 30%
  • Reduced time to manage the network by 90%
  • Improved customer response time to minutes from hours
The challenge: migrate to a scalable and a cost-effective email solution

DuoCircle was challenged with migrating Dyn’s legacy email infrastructure to provide simpler and easy to use configuration files, reducing hardware hosting costs and ensuring better customer satisfaction.

Brad Slavin, CEO, DuoCircle describes,

We wanted to migrate our spam filter from Spam Assassin to ASSP. We were using 70 Amazon instances and the server hosting bill was well over $20K/month. In addition, we were experiencing difficulties in delivering emails to customers. Even though we are a Linux and FreeBSD based shop we were open to evaluating a commercial email platform that was scalable, cost effective and would enable us to continue as a service provider to our customers.

We researched many email security and delivery platforms against our requirements including Cyren software and over 20 of their partners.

Slavin explained,

We conducted a proof of concept with Halon and selected it based on the attractive licensing model, excellent support, easy upgrade path, reliable and scalable architecture that eliminated inconsistencies, key features such as quarantine, end user logging for customers, message replay and for enabling DuoCircle to continue as a service provider.

Key benefits

Reduced operating expenses by 30%

By migrating the legacy Dyn email infrastructure to the next generation Halon email platform, we reduced the number of servers required for hosting that helped save operational costs by 30%.

Reduced time to manage the network by 90%

The Halon email platform enabled DuoCircle to reduce the time to managing the network by 90%. DuoCircle was able to leverage existing resources to provide 24X7 support that helped reduce the number of customer help desk tickets.

Improved customer response time to minutes from hours

Halon’s platform helped reduce workload on the DuoCircle network which improved the response time to customer billing issues to minutes from hours it took under the legacy Dyn infrastructure.